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Standard Drilling

We dig standard straight shaft pier holes with diameters from 12" to 90" with the capability of reaching depths up to 125' deep.

Lo Clearance Drilling

Overhead obstructions or Access issues are not a problem for Big Dog. We can drill holes with as little as 10' of headroom. 


Belling is not a problem for us, we can bell holes with a 12" diameter shaft to 54" diameter shaft. Typically standard bell sizes are two to three times the diameter of the shaft.  


When hard rock is encountered we have the tools to get through it.


When sand or water is encountered, typically casing is required. Big dog has the capability to case shafts from 12" diamter to 84" diameter reaching depths of up to 125'. 


When casing is not an option on your job, slurry can be. We use a polymer based slurry and have the ability to slurry any diameter hole from 12" to 120" in diamter.






Big Dog Drilling is a family owned pier drilling company, based out of Rockwall, Texas. We started operations in June of 2004 with one little Texoma drill rig digging house piers and have now grown into a mature company that can handle any size commercial project. We have a wide variety of equipment suited for many different kinds of drilling applications. We service the major DFW metro-plex as well as Austin, San Antonio, Houston. We will also travel to the neighboring states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas.


Here at Big Dog Drilling our goal is to treat our customers with the utmost respect and honesty. We genuinely try to go above and beyond to get the job done right in a timely manner. We keep our equipment and operators updated on the latest drilling technologies to give our customers the best product possible. We take pride in having repeat customers who are satisfied with our performance time and time again.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 972-771-0173 or fill out the following form:

Main Office
974 Camp Creek Rd.
Rockwall, Tx 75087
Office Phone (972) 771-0173



Steve Jones


Kailah Jones


Jesus Godinez




To apply for a job with Big Dog Drilling, please come to the Main Office and fill out an application. 


Our Employees are drug tested and given a drivers license check during the application process.

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